13 Rose from Iza Genzken


13 Rose from Iza Genzken

Duration: 1:24

Rose from Isa Genzken

The rose motif accompanies us. This is a very special specimen. Berlin artist Isa Genzken created this eight-meter-high metal sculpture, which has been attracting the attention of avenue visitors since 1993. A counterpart of this beautiful rose has stood in front of the New Museum in New York since 2010.

It fits perfectly with the Villa Schriever in the background. That is what distinguishes the artist: Isa Genzken's sculptures always relate to the space in which they are located, and you can feel the sublime interplay with Villa Schriever and the surrounding park. The rose is one of the most popular photo motifs in the avenue is. The villa was built in 1868. This estate was also designed on the model of English landscape gardens and its magic continues to this day.