View of the Allee/City Museum in the Alleehaus


Let’s stop here for a moment. Don’t we have an excellent view of the landscape park from here? The meadow in front of us turns into a sea of crocuses in spring. Later, we will pass the patronage grounds, where the roses are fragrant in summer. And in autumn, the dahlia garden shines! A different section of Lichtentaler Allee blossoms in spring, summer and autumn!

Since its baroque beginnings in the 17th century, it has become a walk-in

work of art, our Lichtentaler Allee. The most important garden designer in Baden in the 19th century – Johann Michael Zeyer – modelled the grounds along the avenue on an English landscape garden. Do you know how many trees grow along the three and a half kilometre stretch that runs along the banks of the Oos to Lichtental? – There are around 400 of them and almost all the species found in Central Europe are represented here. Due to the mild climate, specimens even grow here that could not survive elsewhere without winter protection. The entire avenue is now a listed building and is preserved as a garden monument.

In a letter to Gustave Flaubert in 1865, Ivan Turgenev enthused: “Why don’t you come to Baden-Baden? There are the most marvellous trees I have ever seen.”

Oh, who hasn’t walked among these trees! They came from far away: The Shah Nassreddin of Persia, the King of Siam, the Emperor of Brazil, Ismail Pasha of Egypt, the Sultan of Johore, maharajahs and princesses! The rulers have not only walked! One is reminded of the swashbuckling Russian prince Alexander Sergeyevich Menshikov! With his troika of noble grey horses, he dashed along the avenue at such speed that the strollers jumped to the side in fright! – One day he threw 20 gold roubles to a gendarme who had noticed him! He paid the impending fine in advance! Incidentally, the tradition of carriage rides is still continued today – albeit at a more moderate pace‖.

The Museum of City History is now located in the pretty 19th century avenue house! It was acquired through a generous donation from the Adolf Scherer Foundation and given to the town for use.

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