14 Shepherd hut


14 Shepherd hut

Duration: 2:40

Shepherd's hut

Empress Augusta herself liked to rest here! She very regularly went out on foot to the Lichtental convent. During the walks she refreshed body and mind and in the convent she sought the conversation with the local abbess Sophia Schell!

The emperor knew how much his wife liked to rest in the modest estate and purchased it from Gunzenbach farmers at a price of 2,000 gulden. He gave it to Empress Augusta as a token of his love and not suspecting that this cozy place would become the scene of a crime...

The Prussian ruler Wilhelm I was on a walk on a beautiful July morning in 1861. He was accompanied by the Prussian envoy Count Flemming. A young man overtook them, greeted them politely and let the king and his companion pass. The next moment he pulled out a pistol and fired - twice...
His Majesty was indescribably lucky! The first bullet hit a tree and the second bullet tore the king's neck bandage, but only slightly grazed him. Count Flemming was able to overpower the assassin - it was Oskar Becker, a 22-year-old student. He confessed to the crime, which he had committed out of fervent nationalism. He accused the king of not being sufficiently committed to the German unification....... which became reality ten years later! Otto Becker, however, experienced the fulfillment of his wish behind bars: he was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

All of Baden-Baden celebrated the rescue of the Prussian ruler with a large torchlight procession on the evening of the assassination. Only the hit tree suffered for a while - souvenir hunters peeled off the bark of the silent hero, so it had to be protected by a lattice. Look: it is the tenth tree on the right side of the avenue.